Peace Country On The Web is dedicated to promoting our Peace Country Business Clients Both from Alberta and British Columbia

Peace Country On The Web

Promoting Peace Region Business

A Promotional Innovation of Artscript Canada Web Design / Business Promotion


Why Choose Peace Country On The Web?

First up: We really are a local Peace Country Web Developer, living centrally in the Peace Region.

Secondly: We have been in business since 2004 building Canadian business websites.

Third: When your website is built and launched, then we go to work to heavily promote your business in a way that really, nobody else is doing.

How? This is accomplished by strategic linking and online advertising on Peace Country On The Web, the Peace Region Community Business Finder (part of Peace Country On The Web) the Artscript Canada web site and the Artscript Canada Business Network, all of which were developed to advertise our own clients’ business websites.
Artscript Canada is actually our main web building / business promotional entity (yes, here in the Peace Country, same office, same computer . . .) And, we often do newspaper ads to advertise our latest web clients.

When your new website is constructed it is actually registered with Google and the other three main search engines. A robots txt. page is attached to your site that invites specific search engine robots to crawl your site and index the information for search purposes. The site is constructed to Google Compliant specifications in order to ensure the highest page ranking, which requires a very specific set of scientific web building rules to be followed.

We have had amazing results using the above methods of Business Promotion and have many happy clients.

Make no mistake!

We do not use "homemade" WordPress, Wix, Yola, Zoho or any free web builders in the construction of your business Website, as many developers are now doing.

We use a
professional Linux / Mac platform Web Editor to scientifically build and promote your business web showroom. Truthfully, what you are hoping to achieve with a business website is real Web Business Promotion and this can only be effectively accomplished professionally and scientifically.

Finally: Our domain and web hosting here in located here Canada.

We encourage people to choose a dot CA web domain address because Canadians do prefer to use a truly Canadian business over a dot Com, American web address.

Before your site is launched, our professional editor will scrutinize the site to be certain that every word is in place and the site is without mistakes.

You simply cannot advertise this affordably
24/7 for 365 days a year anywhere else

The world of communication and advertising is rapidly changing.

Only a few years ago everyone advertised in the newspaper and searched for your business in the Phone book.
Today, the internet is where the new generation is doing business and phone books are being systematically eliminated.

Location, location, location has always been critical to the success of a business, Canadians are looking for your business on the web!

Peace Country On The Web

Advertising on the Web is far less expensive than traditional methods of advertising and available to prospective customers and clients every hour of every day.